Quarto in glorious full HD 3D Panavision Cinerama

Ok, we exaggerated. They're just MP4s on YouTube. They may not work on some mobile devices - if so, there are some alternative ways of seeing them at the bottom of the page.


OUR MORE RECENT VIDEOS, recorded during our very successful Folk and Food gig at the Gwaun Valley Brewery, June 13th 2014









































































Now our older videos. We don't necessarily play these pieces like this any more!


THE FOX (trad)

FALLING (Kate Rusby)

Here's a set of two tunes for you. We call it THE CONTINENTAL SET: the first one is Carpathian Tune and the second is Le Canal en Octobre. In both cases, these are very much our arrangements. Sorry about the pixellated start and the little glitch later on - our fault, not yours or YouTube's.

Now a tragic true story. In December 1989, the freighter Captain Torres sank with all hands in a violent storm in the Cabot Strait. The crew had long enough before the ship went down for each of them to make a two minute phone call to their loved ones. This song by James Keelaghan imagines the feelings of one of those left behind on shore.


CAPTAIN TORRES (James Keelaghan)


If the videos won't play on your device, try our ReverbNation page where all our video and audio clips are posted, along with our schedule. Or here are the links for you to try some other way:


Or you could just go to YouTube and search for "Quarto folk"; that seems to work.

Quarto, the Pembrokeshire folk band, sing and play contemporary and traditional songs and tunes. Our repertoire includes everything from old favourites to our own material and from rousing singalongs to delicate ballads. We can play for your concert, for your wedding, your banquet or any other special occasion. We can be the focus of attention or the background music. Our instruments are fiddles, guitars, melodeon (diatonic button accordion), mandolins and whistle.


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