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"An awesome Folk & Food evening. Thank you for making it a special night Quarto. Amazing!" Abi and Jonathan, Scolton, satisfied hosts.


"When are you doing it again?" Pretty much everybody who talks to us after an F&F gig.

We are always delighted to get 'standard' bookings where somebody books us and we just turn up and play. But we also have our own ongoing project, where we do more of the work: Folk & Food.





A Folk and Food evening is a concert and a meal in a venue where live music is not normally (or not often) available. Guests buy a single ticket to cover both the music and the food. The food will vary according to the venue, but is typically a buffet and a dessert such as cheesecake. Drinks are available, but not included in the ticket price: they are bought and paid for individually on the night.




Folk and Food gigs are family-friendly events for everybody. We start and finish early enough (doors open 6.30) for the audience not to get too hungry before the food is served, and we're finished early enough (typically 9.30 - 9.45-ish) for a weekday bedtime.




Ideally, a room to seat about sixty people in comfort, with tables for eating and somewhere at the back to set out the food. Village halls are great, with catering by the local pub, or we can just cut out one step and hold the whole thing in the back room of the pub if it's big enough. We are always on the lookout for self-contained communities like villages, where we can present the evening as a community event, bringing people together with their neighbours.




We have played quite a few Folk and Food evenings. They have nearly all sold out, in fact we have had to turn lots of people away. They were all huge fun, both for ourselves and for the audience (or at least that's what they said as they were going home...). Four of the videos on our video page are drawn from a Folk and Food gig at the Gwaun Valley brewery, and they capture a little of the warm atmosphere.




We're always after suggestions for good venues. Any ideas? If you're a landlord yourself, or indeed responsible for any kind of venue, and you're wondering what it entails, get in touch and we'll send you our detailed information on hosting a Folk and Food event.

The band doing their thing at a sold-out Folk and Food gig at The Ship, in Solva, 2014.

Quarto, the Pembrokeshire folk band, sing and play contemporary and traditional songs and tunes. Our repertoire includes everything from old favourites to our own material and from rousing singalongs to delicate ballads. We can play for your concert, for your wedding, your banquet or any other special occasion. We can be the focus of attention or the background music. Our instruments are fiddles, guitars, melodeon (diatonic button accordion), mandolins and whistle.


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