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Quarto is a Pembrokeshire four-piece band who perform a varied mix of traditional, modern and original songs and tunes on vocals, guitars, fiddles, mandolins and melodeon. They have played at all sorts of festivals, events and venues, where their unique sound always makes them welcome guests.




Pembrokeshire folk band Quarto started in 2010 as Paul and Peter, becoming Peter, Paul and Not Mary in 2011 when Chris joined in. They reached their present rectangular form in mid-2012 when they succumbed to fiddle envy and got Holly on board. Their long-standing familiarity with each other's playing can be clearly heard in their varied mix of traditional, modern and original songs and tunes on vocals, guitars, fiddles, mandolins, whistle and melodeon. They have played at Fishguard Folk Festival, Cuffern Festival, Rhosygilwen, Theatr Gwaun, Milford Beer Festival, Haverfordwest Beer Festival and many other similar ventures. They have their own ongoing Folk and Food project, and are always on the lookout for interesting places and events at which to play. Their first CD Lovers, Soldiers and the Tramp (2016) has been well received, with plays on local and national radio.




Chris sings lead and harmony vocals and plays whistle, keyboard and percussion. Apart from her work with Quarto, she also performs in a duo with Peter. Beyond folk, she is also a pianist. In real life she is a linguist.


Holly plays three violins - a standard, a five string and an octave, the latter two by Tim Phillips. She plays several other instruments too, including some quite startling ones, which she hasn't yet unleashed on Quarto. She plays in several bands and used to be a journalist.


Paul plays guitars and melodeon and sings lead and harmony vocals. He also plays bass, but he keeps quiet about that except when playing in another of his projects. He claims his Morris dancing days are over, but we're not so sure. In another life he is VERY hi-tech.


Peter sings and plays guitars and mandolins. He plays other instruments, but is still waiting for the right moment to bring them out. He writes Quarto's original material and performs with Chris, to whom he is married, as a duo.




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By the river in Haverfordwest
Still by the river in Haverfordwest
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At Rhosygilwen
At Cuffern

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Our reviews tend to be informal and on-the-night, so we can't really quote most of them here, much as we'd like to. On the other hand, we had an excellent review in Pembrokeshire Life for our CD Lovers, Soldiers and the Tramp - it is reprinted at the end of our CD page. Then there is the review in FolkWales magazine from respected musician and writer Mick Tems - you can read it here: .

Quarto, the Pembrokeshire folk band, sing and play contemporary and traditional songs and tunes. Our repertoire includes everything from old favourites to our own material and from rousing singalongs to delicate ballads. We can play for your concert, for your wedding, your banquet or any other special occasion. We can be the focus of attention or the background music. Our instruments are fiddles, guitars, melodeon (diatonic button accordion), mandolins and whistle.


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