How do you like our new photo taken by the river in Haverfordwest by our friend Jeannette Graupe from Oberkirch?



is a folk band based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Quarto sing and play contemporary and traditional songs and tunes. Our repertoire includes everything from old favourites to our own material and from rousing singalongs to delicate ballads. We can play for your concert, for your wedding, your banquet or any other special occasion. We can be the focus of attention or the background music. Our instruments are fiddles, guitars, melodeon (diatonic button accordion), mandolins and whistles.





FOLK & FOOD coming up on October 19th with all profits to The Fishguard Folk Festival. We have played there every year since before we were even Quarto (!) so when we heard they could do with a cash boost we didn't hesitate. Fishguard Folk Singers in the first half, then a meal, then us to finish off. It's in The Royal Oak, Fishguard, which is an absolutely top place since its rescue from Brains Brewery and its subsequent refurbishment. It was a fairly grim place for years, but that's all over now: come along and enjoy a radically improved venue.

Our CD is now available, and we're delighted with it. Sleeve notes here. Preview video above: five minutes of deep loveliness. It costs £10, and we sell it only at our gigs at the moment, but if you want one, send us an email and we'll work something out I'm sure.


"Eleven lovely tracks of beautiful and varied music are impeccably performed and sung with technical virtuosity. Yet that technique is never the be all and end all. It is always subservient to passion, wit, and more than the occasional piece of contemporary social comment wrapped up and alluded to, as it often is in folk music, through tales from the past." B.B.Skone of Radio Pembrokeshire, writing in the August 2016 Pembrokeshire Life.




We will be expanding this site. Check back often and watch the menu for developments! We've got a Facebook page, (currently inactive, see above) and a ReverbNation page but it's a lot better to contact us via


contact [@] quartofolk.com


You will have to reinstate the link yourself. Sorry, I just finally got tired of all the automated spam. I still get it, of course, but at least there's less of it.

The shape of gigs to come: